Lurn Summit by Anik Singal: Legit or Another Scam?

If you’ve been on YouTube lately there’s a high chance you’ve seen an advert for Lurn Summit from a guy call Anik Singal.


Seeing any ad over and over again would get on anyone’s wick…

… but seeing as Anik spoke so passionately about building an online business and making lots and lots of money, I decided to look into it a little bit more.

A lot of reviews you’ll find for Lurn Summit will say it’s the best thing ever but beware, these people are only looking to earn a commission when you buy.

It is easy to get roped into a flashy sales page, and Lurn Summit sure has one. A copywriter would have been paid thousands to get you to click that buy button.

I’ve seen hundreds of these sales pages (and fallen for them myself) so I do understand why they work.


Who Is Anik Singal?

By all accounts Anik Singal is a successful entrepreneur.

Starting Affiliate Classroom more than a decade ago and later renamed to Lurn, it focused on teaching basics for starting an online/digital business.

He was also named in the top 3 American entrepreneurs under 25 by BusinessWeek.

What the Hell Is Lurn Summit?

Confusingly, Lurn Summit is not an actual ‘summit’ but an online training course tailored to relative newbies to the internet marketing world.

Split into 2 days, each day covers a range of topics that’s essential if starting a successful online business.

The explanation on the sales page of each topic seems very, very broad and basic, but for a complete novice it might be okay.

Day 1 – The Set Up

The Lurn Summit Speakers


A lot of focus has been put of ‘speakers’ for Lurn Summit…

… the input they have isn’t exactly clear.

As mentioned above this is online only and not in-person.

Therefore, it’s unclear whether they are used as a sales tactic, have recorded a video, allowed use of their names, or something else.

The speakers are:

  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Bob Proctor
  • Kevin Strawbridge
  • Mick Wiskerchen
  • Jimmy Kim

lurn summit speakers

Is It Really Only $1? No…


A lot of internet marketers use up-sells.

It’s nothing new.

This is what the Lurn Summit checkout page looks like…

lurn summit checkout page

Lurn Summit is not only $1.


There is an additional upgrade to be a Lurn Summit Insider which the checkout page focuses on.

This additional extra is free for the first 21 days, then $67 going forward.

If you uncheck this option, the main Lurn Summit course changes to $67 per month after the first 21 days.

So whatever option you choose, they are going to charge $67 after the first 21 days…

… as long as you do not cancel before then.

How to Cancel or Refund Lurn Summit

Lurn Summit uses Clickbank, the largest digital marketplace in the world.

To get a refund is really quite simple.

Forward your order email to and they will automatically process the refund for you.

You will receive an email confirming this, so make sure to check you receive it.

The refund will automatically be returned to your method of initial payment.

  • Lurn Summit

An Overview of Lurn Summit

A basic internet marketing course, offering simple and straight forward tutorials for relative newcomers to the online business world.

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